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Rybec Tile and Grout Cleaning - No more scrubbing on your hands and knees!

Latest Technology.
At Rybec we use the very latest HOT water cleaning technology to clean tiles and grout and extract the dirty water in one easy process.  Results are amazing.  To look their best, floor tiles need to be routinely cleaned to remove the dirt and grime from the tile surface and grout.  Years of grease, grime and dirt are quickly and effectively removed. Dirt trapped in the pores of the tiles and in the grout easily removed. No mess. No need to get on your hands and knees to scrub again.
Regular Maintenance.
Now that your tiles and grout have been restored we can implement a cost effective maintenance schedule to keep your floor looking great.
No Job Too Big or Too Small.
Homes, Showrooms, Hotels/Motels, Restaurants/Cafes, Kitchens, Courtyards, Pool Surrounds.
Most Surfaces.
Most tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, sandstone, slate and terracotta as well as grout can be cleaned by Rybec.
Contact us today and we'll arrange to call and advise you on your cleaning needs.
Here's a chart to show what can be done.
  Cleaning Penetrating
Ceramic Tiles        
New Installations.
With new tiles Rybec can effectively remove grout haze, wax coatings from porcelain tiles and apply sealers to grout and porous tiles.
Missing or Cracked Grout?
We can replace small areas of cracked or missing grout and then, if required, we will colour seal all the grout for a uniform consistent coloured grout that is now sealed and protected.
At Rybec we will quote on any work required first.  
Click here to send on-line request for an obligation-free quotation.

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Here's the process we use on most Tile & Grout cleaning jobs to ensure a thorough clean and complete customer satisfaction.

1. Pre inspection - before starting, we carefully identify the type of tiles and any concerns you may have. 4. High Temperature Pressure Cleaning Extraction with Van Mounted Machine - there is no overspray and no mess.
2. Vacuuming - this removes dry soiling and large particles. 5. Dry Mop Floors - Mop or wipe over your tiles with drying towels.
3. Application of Specialised Cleaning Solution - different tiles require different solutions to achieve superior results.  
What you should know before we start . . . .
P Please have all areas cleared of furniture and nick-knacks before we arrive.  We do not move washers, dryers or dishwashers.
P We will, however, move fridges out that are on wheels.  Don't worry about disconnecting or trying to remove it yourself.
P We will point out existing damage, staining or concerns about your tiles before we start.  We would appreciate it if you will do the same.
P We will not be responsible for pre-existing conditions that are beyond our control, such as loose tiles and grout, cracked or missing tiles and grout, discolouring or fading, as well as scratches in tiles.
P There are certain products and foods that stain grout permanently.  We will not know what can and cannot come out until we actually clean the surface,
P If, after cleaning, there is any staining or discolouration, you have an option to recolour the grout with coloured sealer.
We highly recommend getting your grout sealed after we clean it.  Sealers are designed to resist oil and water based staining and soiling.  With proper cleaning and maintenance standard penetrating sealers should last up to 5 years and premium penetrating sealers up to 15 years depending on the amount of traffic and cleaning agents used.

Thank you for understanding a few of our limitations and we hope you will enjoy your newly cleaned and restored tiles and grout.

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