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Rybec Grout Colour Sealing - Rejuvenates Stained Grout!

Seals and Protects.
Coloured grout sealer is a sealer that rejuvenates stained, patchy or dirty looking grout.  It has the benefits of providing a uniform colour to the grout as well as sealing and protecting the grout.
A Cheaper Alternative to Regrouting
Don't go through the dusty, messy, expensive process of regrouting when you can have beautiful colour sealed grout.
Why Get Rid of Perfectly Good Tiles?
No need to replace good tiles just because the grout is looking old, patchy or stained.
Overcome the Problem of Matching Old Grout
Coloured grout sealing is great when you have to replace missing or cracked grout that has been down for years making it almost impossible to match the new grout colour with the old.
Any Colour You Choose.
Rybec can assist if you want to make your grout look new again or if you want a different colour providing an entirely new look.  With 24 colours to choose from, there is a colour to suit just about any application.  For more information, click here for a list of Tile and Grout Sealers  available.
Inside or Outside.
Grout colour sealing can be used inside or out, on floors, walls, showers or kitchen splash-backs making your grout a lot less hassle to keep clean.
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