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Rybec Anti Slip Treatments - Making slippery floors safer!

Any Surface.
Anti slip treatments are suitable for interior and exterior, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, stairs, pool/spa surrounds etc and are equally effective on surfaces such as ceramic, terracotta and porcelain.
Any Area - Commercial.
Bathrooms, kitchens, entrances, steps, pool areas and balconies are all common areas where slips and falls occur.  Reduce your liability and risk of injury to your staff and clients today.
Any Area - Domestic.
Bathrooms and porches are the two most common areas around the home where slips and falls occur.  Why not invest in your safety today and have these areas treated and greatly reduce the chances of injury for you and your family.
The Process.
The process is a unique three step "Spray on - Wash off" anti slip treatment.  All three products are simultaneously applied one on top of the other.  The first product starts cleaning the tile, the second product creates the anti slip properties and the third product neutralises the first two products.  All three products are then thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water.  Your floor is now ready to be used again, safely.
Long Lasting.
The treatment is not a coating so it does not wear off.  The treatment creates a microscopic chemical reaction with the surface.  The treatment will only lose effectiveness if soiling is allowed to build up on the surface.
Huge reduction in the slipperiness of the floor - Results are immediate - Guaranteed for 5 years - Floor can still be mopped as before treatment - Floor can be used immediately after treatment - Our products have a pleasant fragrance, no strong unpleasant odours.
Invisible To The Eye.
The treatment is invisible to the eye and will not change the appearance on matt or textured tiles, however a high gloss tile will lose some of its gloss - a small price to pay for safety.
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